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We were so excited to collaborate with them for one of our most recent weddings. They laser etched a stunning seating chart for our couple, Erica and Andrew, that took our breath away! The design was done on a piece of beautiful cherry wood with delicate floral detailing. For the wedding day, we topped it off with some fresh florals, adding the perfect finishing touch.  Take a look at the custom piece below!



A little bit about Jumbie Industries...
Hand-lettering, inlaid wood, and laser-etching are just some of the things that the talented group from Gaithersburg provides on a daily basis. And the very coolest part about their awesome brand, is the story behind it. After the son of a family friend was diagnosed with brain cancer, the Selways - Jay and his wife, Melanie - made the decision to do what they could to ease the burden that childhood cancer was besetting upon their friend. They began a campaign, called "Fear Isn't Real," and that progressed into what is now Jumbie Industries. Jay and Melanie utilize their professional skills to create beautiful products and make a difference, donating money from each sale back to the local families of children in Maryland that are battling cancer. Read more HERE and take a peek below at some of our favorite Jumbie pieces.


Photography: L.Hewitt Photography