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For the past several months we have been working on the revamp of one of our neighboring spaces. We're excited to finally share the transformation of this beautiful space and the creation of a stunning creative studio. When Lee Morton, leader of Clickspark and Mozell Films, came to us all he had was a vast open space and a vision. As a team we have been able to completely overhaul the space and turn it into a full functioning creative studio, with all the quirks that make up the Clickspark and Mozell brand. We're so excited to welcome them into the building and to have been a part of building their studio. Check out the transformation below! 

"... When two inherently hyper focused creatives collaborate, there is going to be smoke and sparks - but for the good. For the REAL good. And I think the fire that resulted was that of beauty. I hope it was worth it for you and the girls. Hope some parts of this is portfolio worthy despite our eclectic mess of taste. Even yet, you styled it all and blew us away ... Your taste, vision, attention to detail, openness to ideas and the ability to have all the randomness relate and flow together just made this amazing. Again, thank you just isn't enough. You created a home for us to comfortably create and dream big ... I've dreamt of a creative studio since I was very young, and here it is."

- Lee Morton, CEO  




Photography by L.Hewitt Photography

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